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Jun 18

Top 10 Reasons I use an Internet Lender or Big Box Bank for my Mortgage Financing

(This is intended to be funny, so don’t read too much in to it!)

  1. I feel secure trusting the largest financial decision of my life to an 18 year old telemarketer in another state.
  2. I prefer the service I receive from faceless clerks at 800 numbers to local professionals.  I don’t mind talking to a different person every time I have a question.
  3. I have plenty of time to follow financial news, watch real-time quotes of the Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) market, and make my own predictions about interest rates.  I can time the market and make my own rate lock decision with laser accuracy.
  4. I feel that big box banks that sell to a mass market care about me and understand my individual goals, time horizons and needs.
  5. It doesn’t bother me that the big box bank has loyalty first to it’s stockholders and servicing portfolio, and that acting in my best interest may be against corporate policy.
  6. I believe my mortgage will have no impact on the rest of my financial situation.  Therefore, I don’t need a professional to guide me through the process and offer expert advice on the decisions I am facing.
  7. I believe that the company who quotes the lowest rates in the Sunday paper is the best place to go for my mortgage.  The fact that rates change daily, and ads for Sunday’s paper must be in by Wednesday doesn’t concern me.
  8. I’m familiar with all the ways I could potentially be taken advantage of or overcharged.  I don’t mind always looking over my shoulder, so working with people I can trust is not important to me.
  9. I am not willing to pay fees for professional services.  In addition to managing my own investment portfolio, I also diagnose and treat my own medical problems, represent myself in legal matters, and file my own taxes.
  10. I prefer the taste, quality and overall experience of eating a McDonald’s hamburger, and would never consider paying a penny more for a nice meal at my favorite restaurant.