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Relocating To Yuma Arizona

Beautiful Yuma Sunset. Photo Credit: Local Photographer Shallowshark

Sunset Over the Yuma Desert.  Photo Credit: Local Photographer Shallowshark 15 1

So you have orders to Yuma.  Congratulations!  Yuma Arizona is a great place to live and raise a family.  You may have heard it gets hot here, and that is true!  It is also true that the winters in Yuma are so nice that our population nearly doubles with winter visitors between October and April.

Things to do in Yuma

Yuma is a great place to be outdoors (especially in the winter), and there are lots of fun things to do as a family.  The Yuma combination is dunes in the winter, river in the summer.  The sand dunes 2 are just a half hour west of town for the off-road enthusiasts.  Martinez Lake 3 or Senator's Wash 4 are less than an hour to the north for boating and water sports.  If you like fishing, there are places right in town, or you can be at Mittry Lake 5 within 15 or 20 minutes.  Check out 6 for maps and more information.

The air show at MCAS Yuma is something we look forward to every year

The air show at MCAS Yuma is something we look forward to every year

Yuma Territorial Prison State Park is interesting

Yuma Territorial Prison 7 State Park is interesting

For a little exercise, don't miss climbing Telegraph Pass

For a little exercise, don't miss climbing Telegraph Pass

If you feel like getting out of town, Yuma is only 2 and a half hours from San Diego, or 3 hours from the Phoenix area.  On the Mexico side of the border, El Golfo is only about 2 hours away, or Puerto Peñasco is about 3.5 hours.

Here are some local resources you will want to check out:

  • Yuma Visitor's Bureau 8 contains tons of great information for getting to know Yuma, places to go, and what's going on.  This is an excellent resource for newcomers and old timers alike.

  • The City of Yuma 9 website is another great place to get information about the town, events, or even pay your water bill.

  • 10 has an event calendar and lots of info about Yuma attractions

  • The Yuma Sun 11 is our local newspaper.  Their website is full of the latest news and local events

  • KYMA 12 is a great source for local news

Kids love the Camel Farm!  Check them out here 13


Even though the town is growing, agriculture is big part of daily life in Yuma


Castle Dome Mining Ghost Town Museum

Castle Dome Mining Ghost Town Museum.  Awesome! 14


Snow on Castle Dome. Photo Credit: Local Photographer Shallowshark

Snow on Castle Dome. Photo Credit: Local Photographer Shallowshark 15 1


Yuma has some truly excellent restaurants.  If you like Mexican food, you will feel right at home in Yuma.  Some of our favorite Mexican restaurants include Las Palapas 16, Mi Rancho 17, Chile Pepper 18, La Fonda 19, Chretin's 20 and Taco Salsa 21, just to name a few.  We also have  great non-Mexican food restaurants you won't want to miss like Burgers and Beer 22, Lutes' Casino 23, Da Boyz 24Market Bistro 25, Jack & Rosie's 26 and Julieanna's 27.

Employment in Yuma

relocating-to-yuma-az-gm-test-trackIf you research employment data, you will find that Yuma is listed as one of the highest places in the nation for unemployment.  However, don't be fooled by these statistics.  Yuma is home to many big, solid, high-paying employers.  We also have a large base of seasonal agriculture workers.  Some are migrant workers who follow the crops between Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.  Some work during the season and claim unemployment in the off-season.  We also have strong manufacturing and shipping industries, not to mention MCAS Yuma 28Yuma Proving Grounds 29 and GM's Desert Proving Grounds.

Yuma Real Estate

Yuma is an excellent place to own a home.  With the migrant and transitory population, there is always a strong need for rental housing.  Many military families have purchased homes, and then keep them as rentals when they move away from town.  While the market has seen it's ups and downs, we don't see the drastic swings in prices and inventory that happen in bigger nearby markets like Phoenix and San Diego.  Similar to markets across the country, Yuma saw a large decline in home prices between 2006 and 2011.  Since then, home values have been recovering, increasing at a steady pace.


The Yuma housing market is steady, with roughly 170 homes selling per month.

The Yuma housing market is steady, with roughly 170 homes selling per month.

With home prices significantly lower than in recent years, and mortgage rates 30 near all-time lows, owning a home in Yuma is more affordable 31 than ever.  Now is an excellent time to considering owning a home in Yuma.


Mortgage Programs in Yuma

An abundance of mortgage financing options 32 makes Yuma an ideal place to purchase a home.

The FHA 33 limit for Yuma county is currently $279,450.  With the average home price just under $150,000, most homes qualify for FHA financing.  With FHA comes down payment assistance 34 including the Home Plus Program 35.

A large percentage of homebuyers utilize VA financing 36 for it's $0 down, low rates and low monthly payments.  If you have eligibility, you may want to consider buying using a VA loan 37.

While most properties within the city limits do not qualify, large portions of Yuma county are eligible for USDA financing 38.  USDA is another zero down 39 option, so if you are considering a house in Wellton, Somerton or San Luis, USDA is worth a look.

If down payment is your main concern, check out all the current down payment assistance options 40.

A Conventional Loan 41 will allow you to finance up to $424,100, even if you are buying the house as a vacation home 42 or investment property.

Yuma has some beautiful luxury homes and acreage properties, so if you need a Jumbo Loan 43, those are available too!

Next Step

If you are relocating to Yuma, we hope you will let the Jackson Team at Nova Home Loans help you with the process.  We are deeply rooted in Yuma, we know the local neighborhoods, the local realtors, and we are here to help guide you through this transition.  Come see us 44 any time.


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