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Loan App Checklist

Getting your loan approved requires your help.  Here is a checklist of items and information needed for your loan approval.


  • Photo ID & proof of Social Security number
  • Pay stubs for the last 30 days
  • Last 3 months Bank Statements (all pages) for each bank and/or investment account
  • Last 2 Years W-2’s & Federal Tax Returns (all schedules)
  • Homeowners Insurance Information: Company, Agent Name, Phone #


  • Previous employer phone numbers/addresses/employed dates
  • Residence address history
  • Contact Information for Past & Present Landlords


(If Retired)

  • Award letters verifying pension, and/or annuity income

(If You Receive Social Security) 

  • Social Security Award Letter

(If You Are Self-Employed)

  • Last two years corporate or partnership tax returns and applicable W2’s & K1’s
  • Year-to-date Profit and Loss statements and Balance Sheets

(If You Own Other Properties)

  • Current rental agreements
  • Current homeowner’s insurance including agent’s name and phone number
  • Most recent real estate tax bill

(For Recent Graduates – in last two years)

  • Copies of transcripts or diploma showing the date of graduation

(If Divorced or Legally Separated)

  • Complete copy of divorce decree and associated amendments
  • Proof of alimony or child support payments paid or received in past 12 mos.

 (VA Loans)

  • DD-214 (or Statement of Service if active duty military)

 (If Bankruptcy Filed Within Last 7 Years)

  • Complete bankruptcy papers, including filings, discharge papers and list ofcreditors

(If Refinancing)

  • Most recent mortgage statement for all current, open mortgages
  • Copy of NOTE, HUD and DEED for all current, open mortgages

 (If You Have Made Any Large Deposits To Your Accounts)

  • Explanation and source for deposit

(If Large Deposit Was A Gift)

  • Signed gift letter
  • Copy of gift check
  • Copy of deposit receipt

(If You Are Not A US Citizen)

  • Copy of the front and back of your green card

Download / Print This List