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Jun 18

Cheaper isn’t always better

There are times when you want to shop for the lowest price, and times when you don’t. 

The first example that comes to my mind is those discount LASIK ads.  I’ve never had eye surgery myself, but to me, that’s not a decision I want to make on price.  If I’m choosing someone to operate on my retinas with lasers, I want the guy with the most expensive, most cutting-edge technology and most training and experience.  I’m not looking for the guy who’s willing to go at it for the cheapest price. 

When you’re choosing a professional to guide you through the largest financial transaction of your life, don’t make the mistake of making that decision based on price alone.  Remember, you tend to get what you pay for.  The company that’s charging the cheapest price will have to do a larger number of loans just to stay in business.  That means they’re going to be too busy to give your loan the amount of attention it deserves.  Don’t shop on price alone.