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Feb 27

What To Do When Your ARM is Adjusting

You wake up in a cold sweat and look around your dark bedroom.  Your phone says it’s 2:07 a.m.  Why are you even awake?  You rack your brain trying to remember what bad dream your subconscious troubled you with.  Then you remember.  You have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), and you have a vague nagging feeling it is going to start adjusting sometime in the near future.  When is D-Day again?  You don’t know for sure.  And what is going to happen anyway when it starts to adjust? 

Feb 4

Special Home Loan for College Graduates

Are you a college graduate in the state of Arizona looking to secure a home loan with a Low Down Payment and NO Mortgage Insurance?  The NOVA “Yes” Professional Loan may be a great option to consider.  This exclusive mortgage program has been created to serve the needs of Doctors and other Professionals by offering up to 95% financing with no Mortgage Insurance on loan amounts between $250,000 and $1,750,000. HERE ARE SOME IDEAS: If you need access to your home equity, this loan can be used to REFINANCE

Feb 1

How the Standard Deduction May Impact You

A tax deduction is an expense that we can subtract from our income before paying taxes on our income.  For example, if I earn $100,000 per year, and I have a $10,000 tax deduction, I would only have to pay income taxes on $90,000.  Taxpayers can either itemize individual tax deductions (such as qualified home mortgage interest and property taxes), or they can take a “standard deduction,” which is a flat amount. In 2019, the standard deduction is $12,200 for single taxpayers $24,400 married taxpayers who file a

Jan 31

Why Housing Inventory Matters to You

Housing inventory measures how many months it would take to sell all the houses currently listed for sale, at the current pace of home sales.  For example, if there are 400 homes currently listed for sale, and an average of 100 homes are selling each month, there would be a 4-month housing supply.  This is because it would take 4-months to sell all the homes currently listed for sale. A buyer’s market is anything more than 6 months.  If the inventory numbers are a little higher than 6

Jan 25

How Changes to the Mortgage Interest Deduction May Impact You

The only type of home mortgage interest that is tax deductible in 2019 is interest on up to $750,000 of loan proceeds used to buy, build or improve a qualified home. The $750,000 is aggregate total for both qualified homes(one primary home + one vacation home). For more details, see my article called, “When is Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible.” Here are five ways this change may impact your home loan strategy: Debt Consolidation Loans – the interest on the “cash-out” proceeds or home equity loans used to pay

Jan 24

Tax Deductible Items for 2018 Mortgages

Here is a general overview of some information that may be helpful to you and your CPA as you prepare your 2018 tax returns (the return you’ll file by April 2019). NOTE: these items are only deductible if you itemize.  They do not apply if you take the standard deduction. POINTS PAID ON A HOME PURCHASE IN 2018 Closing Disclosure Page 2, Section A – If the origination charges on Page 2, Section A of the Closing Disclosure include points paid to your mortgage company in exchange for a lower interest rate, you can

Jan 21

Get a home for as low as 3%

Buy a home your whole family will love with as low as 3% down on a fixed-rate loan. Take advantage of low down payment options to buy a home today! Down payments as low as 3% for Conventional Loans up to $484,350. Down payments as low as 3.5% for FHA Loans up to $314,827. Zero down for VA Loans up to $484,350. Ask about Down Payment Assistance options available currently! Ask about Nova’s WealthBuilder program offering 100% financing for qualified borrowers on 15-20 year term loans! Our simplified

Dec 12

Always know your current home value with Homebot

As a Homeowner, you probably realize you should maximize the wealth in your home. And, like most, you probably realize there are many different ways to do so. But, it’s easy to get confused and you just don’t have the time to figure it out. Homebot is a monthly financial dashboard that gives you the answers.  Homebot shows you exactly what you can do when and precisely how much wealth you will build. HomeBot tracks: your current and historical estimated market value of your home; appreciation since you

Dec 2

Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Investing in Real Estate

Here are five of the most common pitfalls associated with investing in real estate: House Price Risk (up or down): what if the house goes down in value?  That’s why it’s important to evaluate mortgage, cash flow and debt planning strategies that won’t put you in a bind if house prices stagnate or go down a little bit.  On the other hand, what if the house goes up in value and you haven’t pulled the trigger yet?  That’s why it’s important to get yourself a solid mortgage approval BEFORE you go

Dec 1

How to Benefit From a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 Exchange could allow you to defer the capital gains tax on the sale of investment property if you roll over all the sales proceeds into a new investment property. Here’s how it works: The buyer of the investment property that you’re selling gives his/her funds to a “qualified intermediary” who keeps the funds in escrow on your behalf Within 45 days of the sale of your old property, you identify a replacement property that you’d like to purchase Within 180 days of the sale of your