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Oct 18

USDA Loan Update!

USDA Loan Update!

USDA Loans are a big deal in Yuma county since they allow for $0 down financing in outlying areas like Wellton, Somerton and San Luis.  Earlier this year, the eligibility map was updated to show that Somerton and San Luis would no longer be eligible for USDA financing as of October 1.  With the government shutdown, it has been up in the air as to whether or not this change would be implemented or delayed. The “Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014” (H.R. 2775) was signed into law by the

Oct 17

The Government Shutdown is Over: Now Can I Close my Mortgage Loan?

At 12:51 AM this morning, President Obama signed a bill extending the Federal Government debt ceiling and allowing the Government Shutdown to end.  So now that things are “back to normal,” what does that mean for mortgage loans? IRS Tax Transcript Verifications The biggest hold-up for most borrowers was the IRS tax transcript verifications.  Most lenders allowed loans to fund without these during the 2 week shutdown, but some loans for self-employed borrowers and those with multiple financed properties have been delayed.  Here is the latest update we

Oct 4

Do You Currently Rent in Yuma Arizona?

Do You Currently Rent in Yuma Arizona?

Home values have started to stabilize in Yuma County, and are even rising in certain neighborhoods.

Oct 1

How the Government Shutdown Impacts the Mortgage Industry

The government shutdown is in effect starting October 1, 2013. No estimated timeline has been issued for resolution of this event. The shutdown will affect several key areas for the mortgage industry.